November 23, 2017

Dundas Welcomes the New Dome

A 90,000-square-foot Dundas Sports Dome was erected in Dundas on November 10, which will offer a place for the community and youth to participate in sports during the colder winter months. The dome is 420 feet long, 215 feet wide and 75 feet tall. It is planned to be open until April 30.

Open Dome Fee: $5 per session (anyone)

​Open Dome Punch Card Pass: $40 per 10 sessions (People bringing in equipment for activity)

​Open Dome Walking/Running Season Pass (November-April): $65 for winter season unlimited (No equipment allowed)

The facility can be rented for events and games, and the schedule can be viewed online at There are open dome nights and most Wednesday nights feature an open dome night with bouncy houses.


Field                                               Rate/Hour                      After 10pm Rate/Hourr

Full Dome                                      (135x65yds)         $450    $300

First National Bank Field               (65x43yds)           $150    $100

Community Resource Bank Field (65x43yds)           $150    $100

Field 3                                           (65x43yds)            $150    $100

Batting Cage(s)           $30


*Full Size Softball Field requires 2 fields rented

​**Two Softball Fields fit with Full Dome rental



Field               Rate Per Hour

Full Dome        $100

The Dome can be reached at: 507-366-3663 or

– By Rebecca Niebur