November 23, 2017

Administrator/Clerk’s Report

City of Dundas

Administrator/Clerk’s Report

City Council Meeting, February 13, 2017

To: Mayor and Council

From: John M. McCarthy

Date: February 10, 2017

Consent Agenda


Swenke IMS: This is for the general contractors Pay Request #2 for the 2016 Lift Station and Force Main Project. $637,486.13 of the $869,545.00 project remains to be paid as work is completed. The Force Main portion of the project is almost complete and construction on the lift station and required service facilities should begin shortly. ISG has reviewed and approved the amount for payment.

PFA Loan Payment: This is the semiannual payment on the 1997 Minnesota Public Facilities Clean Water Revolving Fund Loan. The original amount of the loan was $927,469 with $59,996.48 remaining after this payment. Payments are made by the Sanitary Sewer Enterprise Fund with monies generated by sewer charges.

The final payment is due on February 20, 2018.

Old Business

Approve Agreement for City Engineer Services: Staff has reviewed and edited a proposed contract for engineering services with WSB. WSB is in agreement with the proposed contract. It is recommended the Council approve the Agreement for Engineering Services withWSB & Associates, Inc. (Motion)

Ordinances and Resolutions

Resolution 2017-04 Affirming Support of the Fire Facility Update: On January 23 the Dundas City Council reviewed and discussed a draft resolution supporting the proposed NAFRS Fire Facility Upgrade. It was recommended the reference to the estimated cost be deleted. References to providing documentation and approval of changes were also removed. Northfield has approved a similar resolution as have Northfield Rural Fire, Bridgewater and Northfield Townships. Information received from NAFRS indicates the remaining townships support the resolution but have not acted yet. (Motion)

New Business

Appoint Planning Commission Member: In accordance with the Orderly Annexation Agreement and Dundas City Code Chapter 301, Bridgewater Township has submitted the names of John Klockman and Brad Pfahning to serve a 4-year term ending January 1, 2021, on the Dundas Planning Commission. The City Council may select either or request the Township resubmit two additional names. (Motion)

Approve Quote for Replacement Police Vehicle: Chief Mincke has received three quotes for the purchase of a 2017 Ford Explorer Utility Police Interceptor. This vehicle will be replacing the 2010 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor and is scheduled on the City’s Capital Improvement Plan. Mincke and the officers are requesting the City continue to use the Explorer vehicle as it provides more space for the gear and communication equipment which have become part of a properly equipped squad car. The quoted prices for the vehicles are:

Bliss Ford (Faribault) $28,853.00

Dokmo Ford (Northfield) $28,890.00

Nelson Auto (Fergus Falls) $26,499.95

The price from Nelson Auto is based on a deduct of factory installed electrical equipment which is included in the lowest equipment and install quote from one of the two companies responding to the Chief’s request. Both Bliss and Dokmo quoted a price based on including wiring specified by the other equipment supplier. A review of prices for optional equipment shown on the MN Department of Administration Contract pricing indicates the deduct would reduce the quote from Bliss and Dokmo by $1,420 which is still about $930 more than the quote from Nelson. Nelson will also deliver the vehicle to either Dundas or the equipment installer designated by the City. Staff recommends the City accept the price quote submitted by Nelson Auto Center, 2228 College Way, Fergus Falls, MN. (Motion)

Approve Quote for Equipment and Installation: Chief Mincke has received two quotes for new equipment and installation for the new police vehicle. The equipment supplier formally used by the City has gone out of business. Both quotes include removing the safety equipment from the old vehicle. The quotes are as follows:

Northern Safety Technology (Apple Valley) $11,474.52

Guardian Fleet Safety (Clear Lake) pick up and delivery are included

With SoundOff light bar and siren control $8,726.60

WithWhelan light bar and siren control $8,939.48

Guardian will also pick-up the old vehicle and return both vehicles to Dundas when the installation is complete.

Mincke is requesting the City consider the Whelan equipment as staff is familiar with the product. Staff recommends the City accept the price quote from Guardian Fleet Safety, 7020 State Highway 24, Clear Lake, MN to supply and install specified equipment includingWhelan light bar and siren control. (Motion)

Approve RFP for 2017-2018 Street Sweeping: Request Council approves the RFP to provide street sweeping services for the period of 2017 and 2018. Quotes for the service are due March 7 to be included for action at the March 13, 2017 council meeting. (Motion)

Approve Expenses to Attend LMC Legislative Conference: The League of Minnesota Cities is holding a legislative conference on March 23, 2017. After several years of holding a joint conference with counties and school districts, LMC will be conducting its own meeting. Requesting normal and customary expenses for Councilmembers and City Administrator to attend. (Motion)

Administrator’s Report

Financial: An unaudited report on major funds indicates operating revenues for 2016 are $2,113,521 with operating expenditures being $1,354,510. Most of the difference between revenue and expenditures is used for debt service. Reported operating revenues and expenditures do not include some minor funds and tax increment funds. Total cash and investments as of December 31, 2016 are $4,482,685. The City’s total outstanding indebetedness is $5,154,097.

Cannon River Regional Park / East Cannon River Trail: Northfield has received a letter of approval from the Department of Natural Resources for the completion of the grant requirements for developing the Cannon River Regional Park. The City of Northfield has also received the final grant reimbursement and remitted $19,163.87 to the City of Dundas as the share of the cooperative agreement.

Transportation Planning: Rice County officials are trying to organizes local governments to restart long term planning for transportation concepts related the Decker / Garrett Avenue corridor. The County has been informed City staff will be participating.

Pay Equity Report: The 2017 Pay Equity Report has been submitted to the State of Minnesota. A copy of the report is available at City Hall. Although the report has been submitted, the state still has to approve.

Ehlers Public Finance Seminar: I attended the Ehlers Public Finance Seminar in Brooklyn Center on February 2 and 3. Some of the sessions attended included trends in housing markets, long term financial planning, bonding and working with developers

Aldi Project: The building permit for the new Aldi Store is ready to be issued. Aldi’s is in the process of filing the lot combination as required. As soon as the City receives the recording information from Rice County, the permit can be issued.

Boards and Committees

MTSTJPB: The Mill Towns State Trail Joint Powers Board met on February 1. Dundas will host the next meeting onWednesday, April 5.

NAFRS: The Northfield Area Fire and Relief Service held a special meeting on January 25, 2017 to receive a presentation from McGrath Consulting Group, Inc. regarding the administration of the service. Staff involved in the study, with the exception of a human resource professional, were all former fire fighters who rose to the position of chief. One of the high priority recommendations of the very thorough Administrative Audit is “The JPA board should begin to plan for the placement of a full-time fire chief.”

The City received what is represented as a response to questions regarding the proposed facility upgrade. It does not appear to be very informative and is somewhat confusing. As an example, a question regarding providing space for a private not for profit organization in a public building was raised by Mayor Switzer when the first facility report was presented. The question still has not been addressed other than explain the services the private non-profits provide to the fire department.

The Equipment Committee met on February 6 to receive information regarding fund raising for the rescue truck replacement and to review the CIP, but there was a misunderstanding regarding which of several equipment

CIPs had been adopted. Members of the Rescue Squad discussed organizing to raise funds to replace the current rescue vehicle.

The Finance Committee met on Thursday, February 9, as did the Facility Committee.

Dundas Planning Commission: The Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing on a proposed lot line adjustment. The Public Hearing is necessary as the property was recently created by an administrative approval of a split. An administrative adjustment is not permitted on the same property for five years. The request also will require a variance to permit an old barn to remain on an otherwise vacant parcel and a shared property access.

Work Session

CSAH #1 2018 Trail Maintenance Agreement: Rice County Engineer Luebbe is requesting a maintenance agreement from the City of Dundas for the portion of the trail from the intersection of Highland Parkway to the proposed underpass. A review of the revised proposal appears to indicate the portion of the trail in question is outside of the Dundas City limits. Staff will be working with Rice County Staff to refine responsibilities.

Future Meeting Items

February 27, 2017

1.Work Session

a. Tobacco Free Public Parks Policy

2. Closed Meeting for Administrator’s Evaluation

March 13, 2017

1. Consider quotes for 2017-18 Street Sweeping