November 23, 2017

Dundas City Council



Monday, January 23, 2017

7:00 p.m. Dundas City Hall

Present: Mayor Glenn Switzer; Councilors John Cruz, Larry Fowler, Grant Modory, Chad Pribyl

Staff Present: City Attorney Paula Callies, City Engineer John Powell, Administrator/Clerk John McCarthy, Deputy Clerk Linda Ripka


Mayor Switzer called the Council meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. A quorum was present.


Introduction of City Engineer

Administrator McCarthy introduced John Powell of WSB & Associates, Inc., as the consulting City Engineer. Powell reviewed his work experience and knowledge of the area.

Receive LIDAR Unit

Scott McConkey, Southern MN Law Enforcement Liaison of the MN Office of Traffic Safety, acknowledged Dundas Police Officer Eric Kline for being the Rice County law enforcement officer with the most DWI arrests in 2016 while participating in the TZD (Toward Zero Deaths) Program.

McConkey presented a Stalker Doppler vehicle radar unit to the City for the police department.


Motion by Cruz, second by Fowler to approve the agenda. MCU


Motion by Fowler, second by Modory, to approve the consent agenda as follows:

Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes of January 9, 2017;

Resolution 2017-03 A Resolution Accepting Donations from Northfield Fire Relief

Association and MN Office of Traffic Safety;

Special Action Claims:

Swenke IMS Contracting LLC – $95,686.38;

MN Public Facilities Authority – $30,664.11;

Expenditures – $145,176.62. MCU


Consider Annual Skating Party

Motion by Fowler, second by Cruz, to approve Annual Skating Party at Bridgewater Heights Ice

Rink on Sunday, February 12 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. and approve an amount up to $100.00 to support the use and enjoyment of the City’s ice rink. MCU

Consider Wage and Salary Adjustment for Non-covered Staff

Motion by Fowler, second by Cruz, to approve wage adjustments of a 2.25% increase for Police Chief, Public Works Director, Public Works Assistant, Deputy Clerk and a 3.0% increase for Part Time Police Officer. Administrator McCarthy indicated the tri-annual pay equity review influenced the recommendations. MCU


City Attorney – Paula Callies

Callies reported working on engineer contract and current building proposals.

City Engineer – John Powell

Powell stated he has met with City staff and familiarized himself with the City and current projects.

City Administrator – John McCarthy

Financial: McCarthy reported Rice County indicated the City owes Rice County about $15 thousand due to a tax court adjustment in the valuation of a major Dundas business.

Life Station and Force Main Project: McCarthy reported the force main river crossing has been completed and Xcel Energy will be relocating the line.

Sanitary Sewer Cleaning: McCarthy reported sanitary sewer jetting in the older portion of town on the west side of the river is almost complete. Modory reported receiving complaints regarding back flows.

Quarterly Intergovernmental Meeting: McCarthy reported on the recent January 18th meeting.

Complaint Regarding Snow Plowing: Council discussed a complaint regarding snow piled in center of a cul-de-sac in Milltown area. Consensus was to have the Public Works Department not pile in center of cul-de-sacs without a medium.


Northfield Area Fire and Rescue Service (NAFRS)

McCarthy stated NAFRS is requesting Members pass a resolution of support for facility improvements and presented a draft for review. He expressed concern regarding the potential impact of the requested method of financial commitment on the City’s bonding ability. He would like Dundas’ municipal advisor to review the commitment as it is currently proposed. He indicated there appears to be concern by some township representatives regarding Northfield continuing to own the facility after it is paid McCarthy stated at this time costs are all estimated with the final price subject to change. He indicated the City received a response from NAFRS today to questions but has not had an opportunity to review.

Councilor Modory stated the Council understands and supports the need to upgrade the facility but expressed concern regarding what appears to be an effort to move the project along with unknown construction costs and without a thorough bidding process.

NAFRS Chair Glen Castore explained the costs and stated the financial commitment questions need to be directed to Northfield. Attorney Callies pointed out Northfield is owner of facility and overseeing construction then what is the position of NAFRS involvement. Mayor Switzer indicated he feels the project provides a substandard building for the current and future needs of the area.

Modory indicated the NAFRS Board should be responsible for overseeing the project and not an agent. Castore stated there is a need for oversite on a daily basis. Councilor Cruz expressed the need for transparency and all meetings should include a better record. Castore indicated a process is in place and a format has been developed for improving reporting of committee meetings.

Councilor Pribyl indicated he is in favor of the resolution to support but would like NAFRS to take minutes and be more informative in the future. He felt the NAFRS Board should be trusted and move forward. Modory stated he understands the growing pains of a new organization and has compassion for those wanting to see the building updated.


Motion by Modory, second by Cruz, to adjourn the regular meeting at 8:49 p.m. MCU

Submitted by: John McCarthy, Administrator/Clerk

Attest: Glenn Switzer, Mayor